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Industrial Noise Enclosures

Industrial applications can generate copious amounts of noise which can be detrimental to machine operators and plant personnel. Excessive noise can be generated both from the manufacturing process or operating equipment. Industrial equipment such as fans and blowers, pumps, compressors, extrusion/extruders, hammer mills, woodworking equipment including routers and planers, and metalworking lathes are all sources of excessive production and process noise.

Acoustic Noise Enclosure

Industrial noise enclosure constructed of modular acoustic panels

Adverse Effects of Noise Exposure

Ear protection can protect against excessive noise but can also be unfavorable and uncomfortable during a 10-hour shift. Ear protection offers protection for operators in the immediate vicinity of the process/operation but often times industrial noise will transmit to other parts of a facility, such as an office and administrative areas, causing annoyances and disruptions to other plant personnel

Control of noise at its source can provide a better overall solution for plant personnel and a better work environment. Our noise enclosures can provide just that. The enclosure design incorporates features that allow access to enclosed process equipment and do not negatively impact a production schedule.

Noise Enclosure using Quilted Noise Blankets

Industrial noise enclosure using noise blankets on a rigid framework

Noise control enclosures, either acoustic metal paneled or quilted blanket structures, are an effective means to meet noise attenuation requirements. These noise control enclosures will contain and absorb the noise to an acceptable level.

Noise issues vary from plant to plant as many factors vary between sites. Each application is different from a specific piece of machinery, a process or machine location (i.e., middle of the plant floor or in a corner), and, therefore, a custom-designed enclosure for a specific application is standard.