Acoustic Noise Enclosures

“Engineered prefabricated acoustic panels for noise control”

Control of Machinery Noise

Industrial noise enclosure

Acoustic panel enclosures attenuate the noise produced by industrial machinery. The panelized design allows for modifications to be made to the enclosure if the footprint changes.

Panel Features

A panel enclosure typically reduces noise by 20 to 25 decibels.

Standard panels have a 4 lb/cu. ft. density fill core, a solid outer shell of 18-gauge steel, and an inner perforated surface of 22-gauge steel.

Custom-made panels with thicker gauge shells are available for additional noise reduction.

The thickness and material of the panel can be customized to meet client requirements. The choice of materials includes galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Acoustic panel enclosures are more effective at noise control than the traditional cement & brick reflector walls.

Optional Features

Enclosure Ventilation:  A ventilation system is necessary when heat generating equipment is enclosed.  To ensure the enclosure is not overheated, we recommend ventilation attenuation that works most effectively with your system.

Acoustic Noise Enclosure

Industrial noise enclosure

Crypto Mining container internal flow diagram.

Industrial noise enclosure

Access Panels: We offer bolted and latched access panels for indoor and outdoor installations.

Windows: Airtight seal windows are available as double-pane or tempered safety glass.

Doors: We offer single and double-leaf access doors fitted with key locks or sliding systems.

Cutouts/Openings: Cutouts can be added to the enclosure for pieces of equipment that need to extend out of the enclosure.

Acoustic enclosures help you comply with noise safety regulations and maintain a healthy work environment.

Whether you have a specific noise control product in mind or are searching for one, we can help. We do an on-site consultation, after which we suggest the best-fitting noise management products for your site. So, get in touch and share your requirements.