Sound Blanket Noise Enclosures

“Quilted blankets effectively control noise”

Quilted Noise Wrap Material over Framework

Industrial noise enclosure

Quilted sound blanket enclosures are a versatile and cost-effective solution for fully or partially enclosing industrial noise. The enclosures are designed to fit (like a glove) the specific process or equipment. Quilted panels are generally less costly than a steel noise enclosure. Still, there is also minimal installation cost as the Velcro straps that board each panel allows anyone to assemble the enclosure quickly.

Features of Quilted Sound Blanket Enclosures

Sound blanket enclosures are made from fiberglass, usually 2″ in thickness. The panels absorb most of the echoes, which stops them from resonating back into the surroundings. The panels can reduce machine noise by 12-15 decibels. Velcro straps/ends make for easy installation

The enclosures’ exterior is made from UV, fire, and water-resistant materials.

Quilted blankets are available as modular units fitted with Velcro straps. The design allows you to seal together blankets for continuous coverage. The panels look attractive and are available in a variety of colors.

Noise Blanket Enclosure

Noise blankets enclose attenuate a compressor pump

Sound Containment Using Noise Blankets

Noise blankets wrapped around a cyclone provide a Code compliant noise enclosure

Outdoor Use
The noise blankets can easily be installed onto a chain link fence or other frames for outdoor use.

The blanketed curtain enclosures are created keeping your access needs in mind. They are available with track and trolley systems, allowing the panels to slide past each other when needed.

Another option for hanging the curtains is to use steel hooks or bolt fixings.

Clear view windows to see the equipment inside are another option available with the blankets.


Quilted blanket enclosures are an effective way of controlling noise in industrial and domestic settings. If you’re looking for noise reduction enclosures, we are happy to help. We will analyze your site to recommend suitable noise reduction products. So, give us a call to discuss your project.