Types of Industrial Noise Enclosures

“Encapsulating noise at its source”

  Acoustic Noise Enclosure

Industrial noise enclosure

Workplace safety requirements, OSHA, and local noise ordinances mandate noise be maintained at a safe level. In many industrial applications, this is achieved with industrial noise enclosures. These enclosures are framed structures with either screw-fastened prefabricated metal panels containing insulation or Velcro-attached hanging quilted noise blankets.

The two main types of enclosures are preformed paneled noise control enclosures and noise blanket curtain systems.

The two main types of enclosures are preformed paneled noise control enclosures and noise blanket curtain systems.

Noise Control Enclosures

Noise control enclosures are designed for both indoor and outdoor equipment. The enclosure is designed with thick walls to stop the sound from resonating. The units are assembled with prefabricated panels constructed of galvanized steel, painted steel, or aluminum.

Noise control enclosure features and options include:

  • Noise reduction: 20 to 25 decibels
  • Exterior: available in 18-gauge and 16-gauge
  • Interior liner: 22-gauge perforated liner
  • Custom cutouts for existing gauges, valves, conduits
  • Optional accessories: panels, doors, windows, exhaust fans, and louvers/dampers
  • Available for indoor, outdoor, and high-temperature environments
Noise Enclosure with Galvanized Acoustic Housing

Industrial noise enclosure

Noise Blanketing over Framework

Industrial noise enclosure

Noise Control Curtains

A quilted curtain or noise blanket enclosure is enough to reduce the noise to acceptable levels for most applications. Noise control curtains typically have a high-mass controlled barrier and a light fiberglass absorber attached to a metal structure or framework. These systems can also be mounted from the ceiling if needed.

Features of noise control curtains include:

  • Noise reduction: 7 to 10 decibels with a curtain and 12 to 15 decibels with a curtain enclosure
  • Durability: fire-safe, chemical resistant, and dust resistant
  • Location: indoor, outdoor, and high-temperature settings
  • Aesthetics: available in decorative facings and multiple colors
  • Options: removable roof system, doors, access panels, and windows

Controlling noise is essential to any workplace safety planning. Noise enclosures help maintain a healthy work environment and increase overall morale on the production floor.